Nikolas Charalambidis

Nikolas Charalambidis | Personal programmer’s website

I believe that each person who’s mentally alive has their own unique beliefs, statements and values that define them. I’m dedicating this page to the manifestos, projects, and websites that speak to me. These have proven helpful not only for myself but more importantly to others. For that reason I intend spread awareness about them.

The list is not definitive, and I add more as I go.



Honorable mentions

The following mentions are below the line and outside the IT scope. Some of them are backed by non-profit organizations (NPO) which I don’t want to be associated with. I mention them because I rather appreciate the methodical approach and attempt to represent negative characteristics by country that are seemingly impossible to quantify and rank. Though I am aware of the imperfections of the indices, we have to admit they provide a clear picture.