From Spring Framework 5.3 to 6.0



Juergen Hoeller as Spring Framework Project Lead, VMware






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Intermediate/Advanced Spring



  • ✅ Interesting overview of upcoming versions and timing

  • ⛔ Missing examples of existing problems that new features would resolve, 60% of the time is rather focused on terms than features

"Spring Framework 5.3.x remains in active development and Spring Framework 6.0 will be the beginning of a new generation."

Spring Framework 5.3.x

  • Java 17 support against a Java 8 baseline, support in Spring Boot 2.6 as of November 2021.

  • Java EE 8 focus against a Java EE 7 baseline.

Spring Framework 6.0

  • Development branch (main) will be established in mid of September, the milestone phase at the end of 2021 (6.0.M1 version), release candidate phase in mid-2022 (6.0.RC1). and 6.0 GA in October 2022.

  • Release cadence is yet undecided, might follow Boot’s half-year rhythm.

  • Spring Native initiative moves into Spring proper, AOT processed metadata for regular JVM deployment as well.

  • Introduces core abstractions

Spring Boot 3.0

  • Spring Boot 3.0 introduces a starter for native applications, build plugins and support for specific GraalVM versions, and auto-configuring the observability backend.

  • Java 17 enforces illegal access rules, and no general escape hatch anymore.