Idioms and Phrases

To be a primer on something

  • Basic information about something.

    "I would recommend some primer on actual programming."

To be a work of art

  • Something made by an artist as a beautiful work of art. It can be used as irony.

To be adamant

  • To be determined to keep an opinion or position.

    The director was adamant: I can’t raise your salary."

To be bamboozled

  • To be tricked.

    "He is completely bamboozled by their extreme cleverness and doesn’t notice."

To be big on something

  • To be interested in or enjoy something.

To be devoid of something

  • To lack or be without something that is necessary or usual.

    "He seems to be devoid of compassion."

To be yellow-bellied

  • To have no courage, not brave, and easily frightened.

To blow up on someone

  • To let someone know that something becomes furious or violent.

    "The application blew up an error on me."

To brag about something

  • To speak with pride about something one has done or something one possesses.

To depart with something

  • To give up on something.

To give something a spin

  • To give something a try.

    "Let’s give this one a spin."

To give a hoot about something

  • To care about something.

    "Nobody gives a hoot who you are married to."

To grasp something

  • To understand something complicated.

    "They don’t grasp the implications of these changes."

To have credentials

  • To have abilities and experience that make someone suitable for a particular job.

    "This young man had great credentials and a very pleasant demeanor."

To kick this something out of the ditch and get it going

  • To remove something not working well and get something new or fresh to work instead.

    "Let’s kick this container out of the ditch and get it going."

To lump something together

  • To group something together

    "They are lumped together with the troublemakers and written off."

To make a case for something

  • To make an argument for something or explain why it should be done.

To mangle up

  • To ruin, spoil, or go wrong.

    "Wow, the endpoint seems to be mangled up somehow."

To put forward something

  • To suggest or propose something.

    "I am putting forward a question."

To reiterate concisely: …​

  • To summarize in a way that is brief but comprehensive.

To scram

  • To leave or go away.

    "I usually have more free time to scram."

  • To shut down in an emergency.

To spin up something

  • To power up, launch, or instantiate something.

"Let’s spin up the application."

To strike terror/fear into somebody’s heart

  • To make someone feel frightened.

    "The third semester features economy, which strikes fear in students' hearts for a good reason."

To tweak something

  • To fine-tune, improve or debug something.

To whine like a baby/bitch

  • To complain continually in a self-pitying way.


"People don’t change, they just become more of who they are."

— Hugh Laurie as Dr. House

"Satire is essential: It’s the engine of any democracy. If a government wants to define itself as democratic, it must also behave as such not to pass as false and hypocritical."

— Unknown