This page contains my notes from the attended conferences and watched online tech talks. The notes are captured as accurate as possible and I refrained from completing or explaining the session. It means I distance myself from taking responsibility for factual errors, and inaccuracies, though typos and language inaccuracies most likely occur: English is not my native language after all.

All sessions are ordered in the chronological order in which I attended them.

Though I rate each individual sessions, I don’t include an overview of them for a good reason: The rating is mine and mine only and for myself only. Each of us has a different taste, interests, experiences, and expectations. Believe me or not, I have yet to experience a session where I felt the urge to leave (if this changes, I remove this line).

I have to remark I am not the owner or author of the freely published videos or session talk. I always credit the presenter, and double-checked that the online publication of the personal notes complies with the conference or tech talk event code of conduct…​ if any.