Advanced tips and tricks for productivity in IntelliJ Idea

Original name

Produktivita práce v IntelliJ Idea - pokročilé tipy


Pavel Jetenský






Czech 🇨🇿



  • ✅ Perfect tips I didn’t know about and I will surely use: Especially from the navigation section, and String manipulation. Suggested very plugins.

  • ⛔ I expected more of the debugging tricks.

  • ⛔ RIP for the Mac users  as only Windows shortcuts were presented (though the speaker is a Windows user, he could include them.



  • Type hierarchy (⌃H).

  • Last edit location (⌘⇧⌫).

  • Backward-forward location history (⌥⌘← / ⌥⌘→).

  • Quick documentation view (⌥␣)(works also for XML, Dockerfile, in Windows ctrl+Q).

  • Find a test class or method for implementation (⌘⇧T).

  • Other: File structure, Declaration, and usages…​

Opening and Reading

  • Multicolumn edit (Mouse Middle button, or ⌥⌘⇧ and left click and drag).

  • Multiple carets (⌥⇧ and click)

  • Quick open understands wildcard (⇧⇧ and type *Controller).

  • Other: Mnemonic bookmarks, Find in the previous search (for example pet AND @Entity).


  • Node.js debugging (⌃⇧ click to the localhost address once the application starts).

  • Debug evaluation in a full-text mode can define new variables and return them to the console (a log trick can be used with a raw List):

    int a = 5;
    int b = a + 5;

    This prints out the value of a only.

  • Other: Remote debug (ssh -f -L 5005: -N).

Code Writing

  • Live templates are context-aware (sout, iter, psvm, for, lazy).

  • Surround with code (if-else, try-catch, etc.)(⌘⌥T).

  • Show context actions (⌥↵).

  • Delete line (⌘X).

  • Duplicate line (⌘D).

  • Move lines up or down (⌥⇧↑ / ⌥⇧↓).

  • Move blocks up or down (⌘⇧↑ / ⌘⇧↓).


  • Presentation assistant plugin to show the shortcuts written

  • A key promoter to suggest shortcuts for repetitive actions

  • String manipulation (hash, base64, case conversion)


  • Code → Analyze Stack Trace

  • View → Appearance → Enter presentation mode